Saturday, December 10, 2005

5 Weird Habits?

Let the weirdness begin!

I didn't realize I had so many weird habits until asking friends, which was inspired by my being tagged by the good Doctor, who you should all go vote for AND AVOID A HURTIN!. Thanks a whole lot btw Doc, I'm almost considering therapy! Meh, not quite. Seriously, until asking others, I couldn't think of much of anything that weird at all except maybe not being able to stand even a speck of dust on my shoes (almost wrecked once trying to wipe my shoe while driving, talk about a wake-up call). Now, I have way more weird to ramble on about than that! Yay.

There I was, no sh*t, thinking I was perfect. After I asked around, narrowing it down to a mere 5 weird habits became difficult.

5. I think perhaps I'm a bit overly theatrical when sporting a new and really cool article of clothing. I think this because a friend recently said to me, "Have you worn the jacket yet? I'm not going anywhere with you until you've worn the jacket. C'mon, at least a few times and you've gotten all of that, you know, spy-ee-ness, out of your system." That's one awesome floor length black leather jacket, btw, very sleuthy. I just got new sleuthy boots to match too so look out world! (Thanks ma!)

4. I teach all my cats to give me a smooch and have been doing so since I was just little. Here's me somewhere between 14 and 15 yrs old, New Years Eve, kissing my cat. (Feel free to laugh at my mom's fruity chair but I will have to inform you, like she always did me, that that chair was an antique, in the family for many years, and some day you will be begging for it! Oh, and poor children in Africa would love to have a chair just like that.) I find that fruity chair to be more weird than kissing my cat. I kid, I kid...we all love that chair! (Hey, you never know who might be reading.)

3. I conduct semi-scientific experiments for no other reason than "I just gotta know". All those lame and fleeting things you wonder then quickly forget? I just gotta know. An example would be finding out what it might be like to be a woman with really generous (read:HUGE) breasts at age 20. I stuffed big time and went out with a friend, stopping at a convenient store and to enroll him in the local community college. I forgot my id and money in the car at the convenient store and the clerk waved his hand like a magician insisting I take the soda, gum, and cigarettes for free (and without id) without ever making eye contact for even a second. I didn't really blame him after the friend (who totally knew) kept staring, laughing, and apologizing for staring. I almost fell down looking at them myself while crossing the road at the college. Very distracting indeed!

2. I'm constantly saying things which have extremely obvious (and usually naughteh) double meanings that I don't think of until after I've said it. I think it's a nervous weird habit because that's usually when it happens...the worst possible moment. I don't mean to, honest, but it's usually so obvious that to even try to deny I meant "it" any other way would be unbelievable, only making "it" way worse (because I'm not normally a bit "slow" but quick witted, I promise!). So instead I then ramble, making no sense, in an attempt to move beyond "it" which makes "it" way worse anyhow and can't stop. Like now. ;) "Just stop talking now" is common advice whispered to me from behind by good hearted friends. Good stuff, there.

1. Finally, I take "vacations in my head" (which involves lots of music, wine, bubble baths and working on my art but I did once sleep for 48 hrs, a record that Dr. Phat Tony seems to have broken...aarrgh!), refusing to answer the telephone or the door because "duh, I'm not here, I'm on vacation." The last time I took a vacation in my head my mother found my answer "I couldn't because I wasn't here, I was on vacation" to be an inappropriate response to her interrogation into why I didn't answer the phone for 2 days. The weirdest part is that I'm so strict about the rules of "the vacation" in order to get a little quiet from time to time that as I explained it to my mom, I almost forgot that I wasn't really gone. At first she was a bit irritated but then she looked really concerned about the admission of the "in my head" part of the vacation and decided to visit me more often. Yay! Especially since I used to be quite the "social butterfly" who now resides somewhere between a pile of horse poo and "that big tree yonder". An example of what I do while "on vacation" involving exploration of subtly combining digital art and photography (and to satisfy the "post more photos!" squad *g*) -

Since I've broached the "weird" subject friends will be saying "Hey, something else you do that's weird as hell..." until the end of time (or at least a couple of weeks) even though I'm soooo done with this introspection. I will enjoy "tagging" others so they might be able to suffer the fun as well. Bwahahaha!

I'm out! Happy fun stuff Saturday, off to Christmas shop before I go and do something really weird, like put my hard earned cash into the savings account instead.

Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend!

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