Friday, December 09, 2005

Hooray for Cat Bloggin!

Yesterday I took not so little any more Magellan outside in order to take a new photo since I'm way overdue for some of the exciting cat bloggin' I know y'all love so much. I also just really wanted to snap a few of him climbing trees because he's just so danged cute. Anyhow, when I stepped out the door what did my eyes behold?

Two trucks in my yard and 4 men with saws chopping down my trees. Not one or two or even three trees, but bunches and bunches of trees. In my yard! Cutting trees! I did what any good southun gal does when she sees strangers out in the cold sawing down her trees. I went back inside, made coffee for them, took it to them and asked, "Hey there, if ya don't mind my askin', why are you sawing down all my trees?" They thought that was pretty funny and were plenty grateful for the coffee. Apparently they'd been at it for quite awhile and there are no stores nearby where one might purchase a hot cuppa joe.

Turned out they were on a mission for the electric company, cutting down trees surrounding an electric pole. Glad I was nice since they were just doing their job. I pretty much figured they at least thought they were, even in the beginning. Anywho, you'd think I'd get a complimentary call, letter, note stuck to or knock on my door to warn me of something as significant as people in my yard cutting down bunches of trees, wouldn't you? Nope. The whole area (that was thickly wooded, providing privacy from the road) now looks like this-

That's soooo not pretty. The photo was shot at an angle from the corner of the house, which is much further away, but still, there goes that whole complete privacy thing. I know why the trees had to be cut and all that jazz, but doesn't it seem that the area surrounding the pole is extreme? And uneven? Ah well, I'll be out there planting trees next spring. Further from the pole than the trees cut, rest assured.

Magellan gave me three mini-strokes darting up and down trees while the men were cutting them down until they finally wrapped it up and I got a schweet new photo of him. No climbing trees photo though, he thought my stepping from the yard to the woods meant a game of chase and I tired of that game soon after the first two tries.

First, here's a photo of one of his explorations at just a little over 4 wks old.

And then the most recent photo. Doesn't he have the prettiest eyes? They're not normally as amber but more gold so I'm thinking some of that is a special effect due to the position of the setting sun. He does have a very unique eye color though.

That concludes the cat bloggin' for today. Hope everyone has a schweet weekend!

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