Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tag- You're it!

Why yes, it's a meme. Only after careful consideration, I've chosen my victims. Ok, so almost every blog where I comment often had been tagged already but there are other blogs out there that I thoroughly enjoy, whose authors I wouldn't mind laughing at and causing general suffrage. The question is, will they respond?

We shall see!

First, here are the rules as I know them. List five weird habits then tag five other unsuspecting bloggers.

The Chosen-

BillyBudd of American Dinosaur

Pete of iHillary

Spacemonkey of The Flying Spacemonkey Chronicles

Matt of This Blog is Full of Crap

Bill of TechNudge (who you should all go vote for!)

C'mon people, don't be shy! We've got everything from free-ballers to gold diggers (and I don't mean the Anna Nikole Smith variety) to the experimentally extreme as well as the OCD and particularly schweet cat smoochers. ;)

What have you got to lose, besides a few extra hits? (Yeah, I can only promise a few, sorry.)

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