Thursday, December 15, 2005

Well Crap

First I lost a brilliant post (ok, so maybe brilliant is a strong word) on the subject of the Muslim uprising in Australia (lost it twice actually), then I lost "The Post About Nothing" which was composed in a desperate move to just freakin' post something...anything, even if nothing. You'd think I'd have been wise enough to have hit the draft tab at some point there, wouldn't you? Nope, not even once.

Anyhow, I prayed for snow and got a slushy mushy ice storm. The power is in and out so I'm thinking it's weighing on the power lines or something. This is what I get for not saving prayers for important stuff like ending world hunger and that camera I hope someone gets me for Christmas. I should probably just shut the pc down and catch up on some work but that's not what I'm going to do. Because I don't wanna. Instead, I'm just going to sit here and visit all my favorite blogs leaving silly comments until I either lose power completely or grow bored. Maybe hungry too.

Let's call this The Post That's Not Even About Nothing. Here's a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with this post about less than nothing except that it has nothing to with anything at all. It's cute though, huh?

Amuse me or something people! Don't let me down. Everyone I know is off causing traffic jams and accidents in an attempt to buy all of the bread and milk up because they saw some ice/snow slush (or heard there would be some 100 miles away) and think there's Armageddon/end of time type stuff going on. My mother called to tell me that she bought 50 rolls of tp, 11 bottles of makeup and a bottle of crown royal for my dad so I know they'll be ok if it turns out to be worse than I'm thinking. Feel free to leave me some comments about nothing or ask some questions about anything (or nothing in particular) and I'll reply or answer between temporarily not having power until finally there's no power at all. Or not. Whatever. Just put something in my comments already, I'm bored! And easily amused. ;)

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