Thursday, December 01, 2005

Justices Weigh Parental Notification Law

WASHINGTON - "The Supreme Court on Wednesday wrestled with a New Hampshire law that requires a parent to be told before a daughter ends her pregnancy, with no hint the justices were ready for a dramatic retreat on abortion rights under their new chief.

The court is dealing with its first abortion case in five years, as well as the first in the brief tenure of Chief Justice John Roberts."

This is more an issue about parental rights than abortion and it's an American majority (roughly 7 in 10 Americans favor laws that require women under 18 to not give parental notification but seek parental consent for any abortion) against organizations like ACLU (who are just plain nuts and don't get linkage), Planned Parenthood (who stand to line their pockets with more money from more abortions that may result from little girls who are scared, alone and more likely to choose life with parental notification/support) and Democrats (who are a mixture of the previously mentioned and interested in lining the ballot boxes with votes from loons who think that any sane law at all concerning abortion is "unconstitutional" and harmful to the cause.

It is the irresponsible and self-serving who will work against parental notification laws as it is in the best interest of the child that parents be notified before any and all serious medical procedures.

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