Monday, December 26, 2005

Celebrities Refuse to Entertain Troops

* Danger and anti-war stance keep celebrities away
* Shows now depend on Christian hip-hop groups

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But...but...they support the troops, just not the war, right? [ad retching nauseam]

I'd go over and entertain them myself but I'm pretty sure these folks aren't all that interested in having their picture painted. On the other hand, I do a pretty good imitation of Marilyn Monroe (except the whole dark haired/not tall thing...arg!) and there are those cheers I made up to pick on cheerleaders. Hey, it's not nothing. Anyone who is anyone and reading this (riiight), make note of these uber-talents.

(Thank God for Christian hip-hop artists, huh?)

Seriously, this is just one more reason why we Americans must all work 10 times harder than ever before to let our service members know we haven't forgotten them and appreciate all their sacrifices.

Support the Troops

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