Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Update II: This just in; First Uber photo on Christmas day.

Do I have that "I've been slipping Baileys in my coffee all afternoon so I should probably just stand here and hold this wall up to be safe" look or what? ;)

Ok, I managed to sneak away just a moment to wish you all the Merriest Christmas ever, which I have been doing all week I know, but now that it's actually Christmas I'm adding an ! to that. So...

Merry Christmas to all!

Must. Cook. Hope your all having a schweet Christmas (and ham, mmm ham). :)

Update I: I'm working on a new post, not because I'm caught up on everything I have to do or anything but I'm that close (think gift boxes and bags this busy Christmas season). Anyhow, you are about to know everything you never wanted to know about Santa. Hooray!

I finally finished (I think) the Christmas greeting featuring the new kitty, Precious. She is one really mean little kitty inspiring people to say "Well, isn't she precious" as they attempt to sling her from their foot and remove her teeth from their flesh. Everyone I know dislikes cats for no good reason so I find it more than a little amusing that she tries to hurt them for no good reason. Therefore, I shall keep her forever and Precious it is!

Had to take about 40 photos of her to get this one where she's not leaping to eat the camera, shiny lights make her

I'll leave this post to float until after Christmas because I know how much y'all just love photos of my cats. ;)

Oh yeah, I also forgot to thank Tyler D. of 45-Caliber Justice for the shiny font (Frosty) used in the Christmas greeting above, found it following one of his free font links. Thanks for the shiny free font link Tyler!

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