Saturday, December 03, 2005

Round 1

of Insolublog VRS Frank Galvin brought to us by Dr. Phat Tony, who you should all go vote for.

Proud lefty Frank Galvin, it would seem, has dusted off that same old charge of "yeah well, y'all are Nazis!" He even tries his hand at hacking up The Alliance logo, poor attempt but let's give him some credit for the effort involved, minimal as it may be. I was given an honorable "Nazi" mention but didn't even get linked. Dang. There goes my dream of having my very own little liberal troll since dear FG doesn't appear to want the job. I asked him nicely and even offered a little trolling tip.


Anyhow, I pretty much have nothing more to add to the same tired ass charge of "y'all are Nazis", except maybe "Dude, that is so yesterday", especially since Insolublog pretty much knocked him out in Round 1.

Remember FG, my previous offer still stands, especially on Mondays, those are slow. :)

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