Saturday, December 17, 2005

Light Posting

A week until Christmas, Hooray!

I saved lots of stuff for the last week, as usual.

Not only will there be light posting but I probably won't be posting much of anything except photos of this and that until after Christmas. Today there was last minute help with the costumes with the children's Christmas play (they want to borrow a sword, a real sword no less...) then lots of last minute shopping and their play is tomorrow. I've until then to get my camera fixed or there will be no great photos, just sorta ok photos. Oh noes! Hoping it's just the batteries that are kaput because I've put well over 2 thousand smackaroos into that camera (ew).

Since the children are borrowing a sword I'm thinking this will be the play to be remembered and documented (maybe to flee from too). I did try to warn more responsible adults about the whole sword thing and received replies like "cool", "neat", "that's nice of you", and "whatever, tell them to not impale anyone" and threatened to kick some serious kid butt if anyone ends up impaled so I hereby release myself from all further responsibility. I'm not even a Baptist (and they all know it) but can tell you for certain that if you're looking for a church that caters to children (and people who know how to laugh) seek out Baptists! The only catch is that not only can you never escape once you've joined their ranks (however sporadically you attend), there's nothing you can to do make them not want you around. Trust me here. haha

But I ramble. Back to the point. Light posting from now until whenever. Will post photos with brief commentary. ;)

Like this from The Big Carolina Ice Storm yesterday and the day before.

And this from The Little Kitten in My Christmas Tree (who looks like she's on crack, Christmas trees are very exciting!)

She totally killed that ornament. The ad that I put in the paper seeking a home for her reads: "Calm and sweet tabby, loves to cuddle." Bwahahaha!

Hope y'all are all having a great weekend. ;)

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