Friday, August 12, 2005

Company of Heroes — An FNC Special, Saturday, 9pm

"They were sent into a hellish city to hunt down terrorists house-to-house. The fight for Fallujah made them heroes, and this Saturday FOX News Channel tells their story. From graphic battle footage to interviews with the families they left behind, join a Marine company in the thick of the war on terror."

(includes a sneak peek video)

Definitely worth a watch. I don't care what is said of FNC, whether they lean a little right or not, it is relieving to read about a news special featuring service members and not feel dread while wondering if (more like how these days) it will be spun to prove that war is worse than appeasement.

Update I: Not what I expected. I expected more focus on the successes of these Marines- more focus on the Marines themselves. Not exactly what I'd call spin but I did feel the urge to yell STFU when reporter Greg Palkot asked some incredibly stupid and insensitive questions of a Company Commander concerning fellow fallen Marines. Since I'm a lady of course I resisted. Ladies never yell.

I'd definitely be interested to hear what the Marines themselves thought of this FNC Special.

Update II: Apparently I'm not alone. GunnNutt offers a telling critique of this FNC Special.

Update III: I received an email from Brian Gaffney, Executive Producer of the FNC "Company of Heroes" documentary. In all fairness to him, and to FNC (whose coverage we all know I normally adore), I'll post the email here.

I am the executive producer of the "Company of Heroes" program that ran last week on Fox News Channel.

For your thoughtful comments about our documentary.

We actually received an overwhelmingly favorable response from viewers who watched. Many asked us to repeat it. So we're re-running the program on Sunday, September 4 at 8p eastern.

Thought you would like to know.

Brian Gaffney
Executive Producer - Documentaries
Fox News Channel
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So it would seem that although I am not completely alone, I am in the minority in being a bit disappointed in the afore mentioned documentary. Perhaps I'm just overly sensitive. In any case, if you enjoyed the Special or didn't get a chance to watch for yourself and would like to watch it, there will be another opportunity to do so September 4th at 8pm eastern. :)

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