Saturday, August 13, 2005

Name That Kitten

Hooray for cat blogging!

As I've mentioned before, my cat recently had two kittens two days apart. Here are the proud parents by the way-

While one of the kittens (the first born female) didn't make it, the other (male) did make it and this is what I woke to this morning.

Apparently he passed out after chewing on my favorite pillow. No matter how many times I put that kitten safely back in his box beside the bed and no matter how deep a box I provide, that lil rascal somehow manages to find a way out. I've found him under the bed, on the bed, in shoes beside the bed, and under covers or pillows on the bed. He climbs and wanders around the headboard falling asleep in candle holders and potpourri containers, under folded and yet to be folded laundry alike. He's been escaping and exploring since only 2 weeks old, which really is not normal at all.

I cannot contain this 10 ounce kitten.

So now I'm thinking I should name him after a famous explorer since I'm not so crazy about the name "Houdini". Columbus is the first that comes to mind but that name doesn't roll off the tongue very well and can't be shortened in any cute fashion that I can think of.

Any ideas?

Let's make it a contest!

A liberal contest, everyone's a winner and winners get more cat photos, yay! ;)

I'm out, fun stuff Saturday, hope everyone has a great weekend.

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