Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's Speeding Up And Conservatives Are Still Coming Out On Top.

Hugh Hewitt asks who benefits the most from the decline of traditional media. I like the answer a whole lot.

The Information Reformation

DEAN BARNETT of Soxblog has penned a couple of crucial essays on the effects of lefty blogs on the Democratic party that remain must-reads (here and here). Barnett is expanding on a theme sounded by Michael Barone in a February column in U.S. News & World Report where Barone asked and answered his own question: "So what hath the blogosphere wrought? The left blogosphere has moved the Democrats off to the left, and the right blogosphere has undermined the credibility of the Republicans' adversaries in Old Media. Both changes help Bush and the Republicans."

While the lefty blogs are helping to push the Democrats over the cliff, the center-right blogs continue to grow in influence and to innovate. Two examples deserve widespread attention.

To find out more about why conservatives rule and liberals drool, click here. ;)

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