Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hooray For Sore Buns!

I made yet another trip to Pilot Mountain State Park yesterday. That's "Mount Pilot" for all you die-hard Andy Griffith fans out there.

I've already photographed everything from every possible angle in this area but I've not yet made it to the very top of the mountain so I'll keep climbing and photographing until I do.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Your site meters say I'm located in South Carolina. Your site meter is crazy, pay no mind to it.

Anywho. I have photos! Yay!

Taken at daybreak. It's been said that the mountain resembles a breast. Stop looking at that photo sideways! heh

Close-up. See the scavenger in flight, just waiting for me to reach the top? Yeah, I fooled him.

Taken from an overlook. One of my favorites.

Another taken from an overlook, only from a little further out than is allowed, and another favorite. I think the reason I like these most would be the fact that I'm petite and always having to look up.

I made a new friend!

Now don't you have this incredible urge to visit NC and spend all your vacations (read: money) here? :)

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