Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Michael Graham, Unleashed" Is Coming To

Michael Graham, the ABC talk-show host who was fired for linking terrorism and Islam, will be back on the radio via

Statement from Michael Graham on his website-

"Finally! I'm going to be back on the radio again--and the best part is, they'll be able to hear it in Washington, DC!

Starting this Monday [August 29th], I'll be on every weekday at noon for a one-hour edition of a new radio show, "Michael Graham, Unleashed!" No liberal network execs, no advertisers, not even the FCC. You'll be able to listen live, or the show will be available for podcasting or downloading every hour, on the hour. And that includes INSIDE The beltway, too."

I must admit that I was not a listener of Michael Graham's program before ABC chose to bow to terrorist organizations but I will be now. I'll listen to his new show every chance I get just to show my support. What could be better for him than to see his fan base grow despite attempts to silence him? Please remember to give Michael a listen at noon Monday, August 29th.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Graham seems not to have been on RighTalk for quite a while, and when he was on it was only a really short amount of time.

What happened? (Please avoid radio management weasel-talk, thx!)