Monday, August 22, 2005

Majority Of Americans Distrust The Press- ABC, A Sickening Example

Last Thursday I posted on the subject of the the public's distrust of the media and why. Today, thanks to WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People, we learn of a sickening example in ABC's reaction to one of their own who dared to utter the truth.

WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah, apparently in a move uncontrolled by terrorists, reports that an ABC talk-show host has now been fired for linking Islam and terrorism.

Michael Graham, the Washington, D.C.,ABC talk-show host suspended for linking Islam and terrorism, has been fired by ABC Radio following weeks of pressure applied by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group with its own well-documented connections to terrorism.

Graham was the popular mid-morning host on WMAL in the nation's capital until three weeks ago when CAIR demanded he be punished for his on-air statements about Islam. After initially backing the host, WMAL suspended him without pay July 28.

"CAIR immediately announced that my punishment was insufficient and demanded I be fired," Graham said in a statement to WND. "ABC Radio and 630 WMAL have now complied. I have now been fired for making the specific comments CAIR deemed 'offensive,' and for refusing to retract those statements in a management-mandated, on-air apology. ABC Radio further demanded that I agree to perform what they described as 'additional outreach efforts' to those people or groups who felt offended. I refused. And for that refusal, I have been fired."

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