Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Me Linky-Love You Long Time

As I've something very important to do today I've decided you should all just visit each other's blogs through mine so I still get the hits. If I missed anyone I'm sorry. Did I mention I've something terribly important on my agenda today? Anyhow, good stuff in the blogosphere this week...enjoy!

InsoluBlog gives us a very eloquently written essay on the insanity of appeasement and self-flagellation in the battle to preserve and cultivate freedom-

*Sick of The Culture Argument

45-Caliber Justice submits further proof of the impotency of the U.N. (though I think another excellent idea for the post title would've been "Same B.S. Different Day")-


Harvey of Bad Example, who remains true to his bad name by rarely if ever visiting much less linking to me, gives us *Today's Love Note which isn't really for us as much as his lovely wife, TNT of Smiling Dynamite.

Conservathink presents all sorts of interesting news links (welcome back, we missed ya!)-

*Random News Stuff

Dr. Phat Tony gives us a peek into his past-

*How It All Started

The Conservative UAW Guy dishes up an awesome sight to behold-

*Holy Smokes!

And last but certainly not least, the great Frank J. of I.M.A.O helps answer the question, "What is wrong with Democrats these days?"-

*Maybe Howard Dean Just Isn't Screaming Loud Enough

Now I'm going get on that important "thing" on my agenda.

Enjoy the rest of hump day, see ya tomorrow!

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