Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Mindless Cat Blogging

Or is that "mind-numbing"?


We have a name! Please meet...


Thanks be to the superior intellect of Insolublog, as reported by the distinguished Dr. Phat Tony, little Magellan finally has the name which he's so desperately been searching for in smelly tennis shoes n stuff.

Close runners up were-

Buzz, submitted by Damian G. of Conservathink. Cute indeed, but not a good idea to give those crazy cat haters an excuse to "launch" my cat!

Spot, submitted by JimmyB, The Conservative UAW Guy. Not a famous explorer but still...very original! Thought of by no one else save JimmyB and my 83 yr old grams (who then laughed insanely for a full minute).

Damnit, submitted by Dr. Phat Tony. Intriguing theory on that Doc, just not so sure about how to go about yelling for him at night in an area where people love guns, sleep, and Jesus above all else. Perhaps this would serve better as a pet pet name to be muttered under one's breath between yelling Magellan. I'm sure it'll be put to good use, thanks. ;)

Casper, submitted by GunnNutt. That's such a witty name, that was submitted at the last moment after the decision was made, that I almost had to either rethink the whole thing or get another cat. But since I am kinda sold on the whole "famous explorer" theme I will instead etch the name Casper into the still blank headstone (read: big flat rock) located at Magellan's sister's place of eternal rest. Befitting, no? :)

(Stop laughing, I'm not joking here.)

Thanks everyone!

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